Friday, December 18, 2015

The Last Year

I know that I have been away for a long while people. And I'm sorry for that. After long thoughts on blogging and not seeing a lot of traffic, on here. I thought I would adjust to the course load of the new school that I'm currently attending and get into the flow of life here in the City.

So in the last post I talked about school at Blush School of Makeup. Well since then. I have finished there of course and have moved on to another school Academy of University. Where I'm studying Web-Design and New Media. Which has proven to be so much fun. The only down fall to going to AAU is finding out that your not as good as an artist as you thought you where at one point in your life. Now remember it has been over 10 years since i really had, have done anything art related. So I know that some walls will be coming down and hopefully will bring out the inner artist that I know is in there some where. With all that I know that at this current moment UX/Ui isn't what I like to do at all. Visual Design 1 is in my next semester so lets see where that leads us. But the last two semester where Visual Design was there I was struggling lord was it.

I have always looked at myself as the nerd behind the computer. So even know I'm just itching to get into learning code, cuss and Java and all that jazz. That seems to me where I will have the most fun with his degree. But who knows that could be something that I just don't like or enjoy either. But the coarse I have taken from along coding schools. Just like Code Academy, Code School etc. it does seem that i'll enjoy it.

Now Fall Semester is over, and that means we get to have a nice little break from the everyday onslaught of my brain. So in that time. I have thought that i'll be doing a little code work on my personal website just to get a practice down for that up coming Web Design 1 class I have next semester.

I'll be uploading some pictures from this semester that just ended as I was I a photography class that I really did learn a lot from. But from doing not from the teacher her self. But ended up having a lot of fun, and was able to get a chance to do some makeup on my own. So that was really nice to  be able o practice that again since I haven't really done any makeup since the first 6 months of the year.

So much good has happened this year. I'm going to try and get a blog out a week with the new semester so I can talk about my likes and my dislikes of course. Maybe a little web 1 education for those that read this and might be interested in it. A mini course or something who knows. I have also thought about doing youtube. Just get the knowledge out there and help learn it myself by doing it more and more.

But i'll see you all in a while. I'm about to do this interview and see where that goes. Wish  me luck. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Six Months Later

Six Months Later



So have you thought to yourself, I’m going blog today, or I’m going to do this or that? Then the following day you slap yourself in the face (not literal) of course. Because somewhere the day before your mind has just forgotten or something else you deemed more important was put in “front” of the line of things that needed to be done.

Well then if you have welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy your stay.

So here we are in the city of San Francisco six months after moving here. I have to say that even now, given the short period of time that I still am in love with this place. The best for me and mine is the weather. It’s always around 55+ but never hotter than 80+ that I have payed attention at least. We moved to the great city, to do a few things with our lives. One was to further my education in the world of Beauty. I attended the Blush School of Makeup, for the first part of the year and learned so very much, things I didn’t even know where possible. And again my mind just like with hair was blown away with, what actually goes in to makeup. From the anatomy of the face, the bones truly play a huge roll in all of it.

To the different styles of makeup. From HD (high Definition) to Stage makeup that is used on Broadway, and of course the makeup that drag queens and the like us. I was amazing, all the education and all the techniques it was just an amazing time. Yes there were ups and downs just like all educational institutes of course. I had great ability to use my GI Bill for the education so if anyone that reads this interested know that you can use that. Or you can check out the yelp review I did on the school.

So 728hrs later and 22 weeks, the school is over and here we are. It’s July already! We just celebrated the 4th yesterday. So now you’re thinking, Jay what’s next for you. Well its quiet funny actually. A few months ago I enrolled with my husband in to the Academy of Art Institute, here in the city. While I was in school for makeup, they make you have business cards and a fully functional website (I personally think it’s a great idea), some others would disagree with me. But whatever. So yes you have to have one up and going before you leave. So I being the nerd that I am. Thought to myself I’m going to build this thing from the ground up. So I started looking into the world of code (to going to explain that, that’s for a later post). But regardless I came across it and found that I actually really enjoy it. So I enrolled in a Web-Design Program. And yes if you guessed! I’m using my GI Bill. And that will actually deplete my funding for school. So after this first year of a two year program I will be out of the Gi Bill and get to be one of the people with student debt. Call me crazy but I’m looking forward to a little bit. And that will go away I’m positive after the first payment.

Other than that, things are going fantastic I would say, I still haven’t had a chance to get out and see the City in its fullest. I’m a student in college, over the summer, I’m an adult, and a husband. There are things that have to go before one another. Just like the first of the post. I have to rearrange and all that good stuff. So that is why it has taken so long to get a post out a lot has been going on. And just had to get into the grove of things. Well I do believe my floors are dry now so… Back to cleaning!


Hope you all have a great one :D


Best Wishes



Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The End

We have come to and you and I.

I'm happy to finally be able to write that. 21 weeks 720 hours has just flown by and I can' believe it is ending today. The time has flown by and it seems it took longer to move out here, and the trip itself, than the actual school. I'm super excited about that I have learned while here at school. From the foundation classes, to Stage, Bridal, runway and photography that's just to name a few of the classes here at Blush.

From the start it is make 7 hours a day, you are putting it on your fellow students. Multiple times. If you don't have a good makeup remover, makeup wipes or something of the sort, well your face is in for a rough ride. I heard and seen former students using ponds, and let me tell you this. The product will remove almost anything "makeup" that is applied to your face. Yes it will leave your face a little oil and if you are, already oily well then have your face wash handy and just wash it off. I personally have combination skin type, so I can deal with it and have a. great feeling afterward. But again I removes all the makeup off, after eating it as if it was a Snolax at a buffet of Chinese food. Its that great!!

So now we are here after all 8 modules, its now "super senior" time. That means all your classes are done, you have passed all the evaluations, the layering of makeup, the different looks and countless sponges, and the thousands of mascara wands. We now sit out where we first started, and you are able finish the rest of the makeup from classes, that you might not have been able to finish while you wherein class. So out of the 20 operations you had to do for stage, you may only have been able to finish 15 so that means you still need to finish those five and since class has now moved onto a different class, those are to be finished in super senior module. So how much work you put in while you're in class, depends on how much work you will do during super senior module.

From the months here I have seen most have been here for two or more weeks even a month or two as a super senior. That of course as you well know is something I could not and would not allow. I'm to dedicated, and have been around the block once or twice. So I know the importance of being in school, and if by chance you miss, class you make up those hours as soon as possible, don't wait to the end. Also means that you also get to do makeup on yourself and knock out a few more operations while your at it.

But I will be sad for the most part, that I am already done, and ready to go. The students that started with me will be here a few more days, weeks, or even possible month after I have left. And started anew school. Web design at the local Academy of Art University. And that starts mid June. And I can't wait. But back to makeup. Classes are super fun and the teachers are very knowledgeable. And the students are for the most part not that bad to be around for 7 hours a day 5 days a week. So as this short chapter comes to a close. I'm super glad that I decided to get the education. I'm a better stylist because of it, it has opened up so many possible job opportunities. I have had the chance to further my knowledge, my friends base here in the bay area, and just had a overall great experience. All in all I would have to say its a nine out of ten, on a ten point grading scale.

So who knows how Web design is going to go. But I'm glad I have moved to san Francisco with the old ball and chain, the city has been amazing, and for the next few weeks, I'll acutely get a chance to out and see what the city has to offer. Tourist mode ACTAVITE!!! Well then its time to call this done.

With brush and palette,

Jay Stewart